H1 Roadshow online session

1 February 2023

5 minutes to read


CARTERS & ecoInsulation are pleased to partner together to provide our H1 Roadshow session online for your industry learning.

We know these H1 changes are significant to the industry and as your building partner, we're excited to be able to support you and your business with implementing these changes by sharing this special educational presentation with you.

The session was hosted by Steve Smith, the Knauf Insulation Product and Systems Manager for ecoInsulation, Asia Pacific region. 

What you’ll hear

  • Overview of the main changes which have been made to the H1 Building Code
  • Challenges that the changes pose to designers, specifiers and builders
  • The difference between product R-values and construction R-values
  • How to use various methods of compliance to optimise your insulation design
  • An introduction to new high-performing ecoinsulation® solutions for H1 compliance 

We’ll help you answer questions like….

  • How do I achieve a construction R-value of R6.6 in my roof?
  • Is there a benefit to using a higher R-value than R2.0 in my walls?
  • How can I achieve compliance if I want to maintain my existing rafter sizing for skillion roof design?
  • How can I achieve compliance if I want to use a high amount of glazing?
  • How can new insulation solutions help me achieve H1 compliance?



This video is broken into chapters, so use the red dots in the timeline to view by section. 

For more information on the H1 regulations, visit:

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EcoInsulation new product brochure

Read more about the new ecoInsulation products to help meet the new regulations which are talked about in the video - download a copy here.

Below are some images from our H1 Roadshow

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