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Trade Leader is all about keeping you up to date with LBP points and compliance on and off site.

You’ll also find expert business advice, market information and overviews of where the industry is heading. If you’re a Licensed Building Practitioner, reading the Trade Leader counts as elective learning for LBP points.

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Previous issues are available below

February-March 2024

Key highlights

  • Understanding how the market drives interest rates
  • Is it time to expand your team?
  • Back to work? Keep your cool
  • Women in Trade - where we're at in 2024

December-January 2024

Key highlights

  • Looking ahead to 2024: Hot takes on hot topics
  • Emerging trends in construction risk
  • How tired is your team?
  • Nine warning signs you can't afford to miss

October-November 2023

Key highlights

  • Code of Ethics and what it means to you
  • Eliminating risk and planning for a crisis
  • Odds favour protracted high interest rates
  • When enough is enough

August-September 2023

Key highlights

  • ‘Cavalier approach' to working at height
  • Boardroom risk management 101
  • Parenting tips for business owners
  • Protecting your assets

June-July 2023

Key highlights

  • Safety tips to work well this winter
  • Lessons learnt from WorkSafe prosecutions
  • Five cashflow strategies you need to know
  • Sharp economic downturn

April-May 2023

Key highlights

  • Integrating emerging technologies
  • Boss Burnout: Measures to cope
  • Threat of scams: Stay alert, make a plan
  • Are you covered for mistakes?

February - March 2023

Key highlights

  • RMA reforms set to reduce confusion & cost
  • Asbestos risk in spotlight
  • How to avoid not getting paid
  • Be more secure online
  • Do you need professional indemnity insurance?

December 2022 - January 2023

Key highlights

  • Apprentice of the Year 2022
  • Lessons from Constructive 2022
  • How to avoid not getting paid
  • Should you offer shares to your employees?
  • Increased focus on construction Health and Safety

October - November 2022

Key highlight

  • Implementing H1 insulation regulations
  • The implications of undertaking supervision
  • 7 things you must do in a recession

August - September 2022

Key highlights

  • H1 Insulation regulations - What's changing and when?
  • Work should not hurt - new CHASNZ initiative
  • 5 Tips for smooth sailing with clients
  • Hired scaffolding, are you responsible?

June - July 2022

Key highlights

  • BIMSafe NZ – taking health and safety to another dimension
  • 5 ways to keep young staff working hard
  • Apprentice of the Year for all ages
  • The battle to control inflation

April - May 2022

Key highlights

  • 5 ideas to stop your staff from leaving
  • Disposable respirators and COVID-19
  • Trend towards townhouses
  • Implications of sunset clauses

February - March 2022

Key highlights

  • 3 simple ways to free up your time
  • Proposed construction vaccination protocols
  • Building License cancellations
  • Building industry set up for a fall

December 2021 - January 2022

Key highlights

  • Secure your site for Christmas
  • Uncertainty over Clean Car Feebate Scheme
  • Building for diversity
  • Report highlights sector trends

October - November 2021

Key highlights

  • Failures in weather tightness
  • New COVID guidelines released
  • Stay safe working this summer
  • Estimating your time

August - September 2021

Key highlights

  • Save lives with Life Shavers
  • The building supply crisis - new normal?
  • Are policies favouring new builds?
  • Fix the fails that derail your business

June - July 2021

Key highlights

  • Important times for apprenticeships
  • Build a plan to keep your business moving forward
  • Suicide programme seeks support
  • How to reduce building waste  

April - May 2021

Key highlights

  • Changes to insulation requirements
  • COVID recovery and mortgage interest rates
  • Why you need a shareholders agreement
  • What to consider before you take on more staff

February - March 2021

Key highlights

  • Report show future impact of COVID-19
  • House of the Year winners announced
  • Managing Business Capacity
  • Implications of low interest rates 

December 2020 - January 2021

Key highlights

  • Apprentice of the Year 2020 national winners announced
  • What does the election mean for residental building
  • Protect yourself during summer
  • The duties of directors

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